The Samurai Academy is built upon principles.  Students at the Academy learn the same seven principles the samurai practiced: courage, respect, honesty, rectitude, loyalty, benevolence, and honor. Through elite training, students are able to excel not only in the martial arts, but are also able to bring these principles and exceed their own expectations in life.


The Samurai Academy’s mission is to benefit families, individuals, and the community by providing the finest instruction in martial arts techniques and training methods.


The Samurai Academy was founded in Fullerton, California by a group of dedicated individuals in 1965 to meet the ever increasing need to offer aid and help to parents and their children. Students are able to discover a simple efficient method that will allow the student to rise above the challenges in life whether physical, mental, or otherwise.


The mental concepts of a man which permitted him to rise from the chaos of savagery are based upon personal honesty, integrity and the willingness to help others in the time of their need. The freedom to live the life of their choice in peace with respect for the rights of others was set forth in our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These rights of the individual are being challenged as never before in our history. It has now become necessary for the individual to protect these God given rights. The Samurai Academy follows the tradition of the Samurai of Japan who not only lived their lives with the highest code of honor, but whose ability to defend that code is legendary.


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